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Are you trying to improve business operations, but don’t know how to fix it?

Take control of your business and get the solutions that will:

Manage your costs, control your finances and increase your revenues.

Help you understand your customers and make them your advocates.

Streamline operations and create systems to make several areas more effective.

Increase your market share and create long term growth.

Help you develop products that have value and that customers love.

Create a leadership plan that will build company culture and employee development.

Help you engage with employees and know what they value.

Uncover essential insights by taking the Value Builder Score – the questionnaire will deliver a custom report assessing the 8 key factors that drive your business and how to improve them.


Join the more than 65,000 business owners that have used the Value Builder Score above to evaluate their businesses.

Business Meeting


  • How good is your customer engagement and retention?

  • Does your marketing reflect your customer profile?

  • Build your customers, brand and marketing.

  • How effective is your sales pipeline?


  • Does your leadership team support and understand your business model?

  • Is your company too dependent on your daily involvement?

  • Build a business model that can be championed by leadership.


  • How well are your operational costs managed?

  • Are your cashflows working for your business needs?

  • Improve financial management.

  • Review your internal financial processes.


  • Do you have a project management plan to develop your product/service?

  • Would your product/service be competitive in a new market?

  • Create a product/service development strategy from concept to commercialization.


  • Are your business processes and systems built well?

  • Are you highly dependent on one supplier?

  • Do you have production capacity for growth?

  • Assess your operational processes and project management.


  • Are you aware of what your employees need?

  • Do you have business advocacy and buy in from your employees?

  • Create staff development and performance plans.

  • Build effective HR policies and systems.

Seventis company logo

Edmonton, Canada

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