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Business Growth Management


We understand that companies can lose track of how they are operating in today’s environment and we provide the transformation needed for growth in the future.


Financial Report

Companies always require effective financial management and transparency on cash flows and profitability. Where does the financial health of your organization stand?

We help you establish processes and create solutions to:


Financial Management

  • Strengthen the financial structure of your company.

  • Understand your company's current financial state, knowing your costs, managing capital assets, mapping existing processes and determining overall financial effectiveness.

  • Find funding for business growth. (i.e., venture capital, investors, government grants.)

  • Create business plans for startup or expansion.

Cash Flow Management

  • Understand the capacity of your cash flow and how it affects your business.

  • Know how to assess your financial cash flow, is it seasonal, are there constraints and how do your assets affect it?

  • Determine where your cost efficiencies are.

Financial planning

  • Create budgets.

  • Enhance specific financial areas such as working capital and fixed and variable costs evaluation.

  • Organize financial structure and financial statements.

  • Improve business financial management processes.

  • Assess and build cost efficiencies.

  • Use financial data for visibility and business planning.

  • Assist in raising capital including conventional lending, equity financing (i.e. venture capital, public offerings) and grants.


Create the financial practises and knowledge you need to plan your business decisions.


Seventis Sales and Market Analysis

Sales and marketing are the most interconnected functions of business. To have a compelling brand you need to understand your customers, to successfully sell to your customers you need a marketing strategy that engages them and to outperform your competition you need to understand the market environment. Is your sales and marketing designed to deliver the best product performance and customer growth?

Let us elevate your market position by aligning:


  • Business Branding.

  • Target marketing strategies.

  • Digital advertising – social media exposure.

  • Website optimization.

  • Marketing events.

  • Customer analysis.

  • Product launches.



  • Sales strategy and business development plans.

  • Customer relationship software management (CRM).

  • Customer engagement and retention.

  • Customer needs analysis.

  • Long-term market growth.

  • Sales channel expansion.

  • Competitive landscape analysis.


Transform your marketing and leverage your sales.


Seventis Business Plan and Operations

Service and production commitments change with growth and creating a new model for business operations requires extensive planning. Can your operating processes weather the demands of business growth?

We can optimize:​


  • Quality Control.

  • Causes of Waste.

  • Production Efficiencies.

  • Capacity Assessment.


Process Performance

  • Process and Systems Optimization.

  • Supply Chain Management.

  • Standardization of Work Methods.

  • Distribution.

  • Purchasing Systems.


Design an intelligent operating model that reforms productivity and gives your company a path to scale.


Smiling Businessman

As a business grows, having a decisive management plan is a necessity. Is your management and leadership plan aligned with the direction of your company?

Let us design the path and structure to improve:​

Strategic Management Planning

  • Update an existing management plan or create a new one.

  • Build a new or long term business plan.

  • Create the buy in of a business model; build your road map, acceptance and integration.

  • Business Leadership Development and functions.

  • Clarity and direction on business priorities.

  • Identify the capacity of a founder or owner. Is there unnecessary owner dependence and what involvement is required in the future?

Performance & Accountability

  • Design performance indicators for the key functions of your business and determine if the current ones align with your objectives.

  • Does the direction in management support accountability?


Watch what happens when there is coherence between management and performance in an organization.


IT Consulting

Strategic project management is a function of almost every aspect of a business. It is the planning tool that provides guidance and visibility in projects and simplifies the accountability within teams. Is business project management a key function in your business?

We can build:​

Project Management Foundations

  • Understanding project scope and structure.

  • Developing a business case to identify risks and requirements.

  • Breaking down large projects into manageable components.

  • Team training for projects and scheduling.


Get clarity and measurable improvements in project performance by aligning resource management, scheduling and productivity.


Senior Businesswoman

Recruiting qualified talent is a significant challenge, but it is only the beginning of the hiring process that spans an employee's entire life cycle with an organization. Are your HR management processes set up to attract and develop qualified talent?

We can help you assess and build HR processes that provide:

HR Management Fundamentals

  • Onboarding procedures.

  • Employee manuals.

  • HR Policies and procedures.

  • The implications of turnover on business performance.

  • Employee training and development plans.

  • Performance management.

  • Management team structure and functions.


Build the recruitment and retention processes that bring the best talent to your organization.


Investment Chart

While exporting to global markets can be a complex process, it can also provide exponential growth and opportunity. Have you gauged the growth capacity of your company?

We can grow your business into other markets with:

International Expansion Planning

  • Marketing in global markets.

  • Foreign legislation.

  • Export and import logistics management.

  • Operational and financial capacity assessment.

  • Intellectual property considerations.

  • Trade credit insurance on foreign invoices.

  • Finance and tax implications.

  • Identifying channel partners.

Create an international expansion strategy that provides structured and sustainable growth.


Blue Print

Developing and modeling a product for market entry is an intricate process. Does your organization know how to create of an effective product development strategy?

From concept to commercialization, we simplify:​

 Product Development Planning

  • Identify market needs.

  • Assess legislation and regulatory requirements.

  • Production capacity.

  • Costing and pricing models.

  • Competition assessment.

  • Design and Packaging.


Launch a product that is built on successful development and market indorsement.

Sales & Marketing
Management & Leadership
Project Management
HR & Administration
International Growth & Expansion
Product Development
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